'Tis the time of year where there is a chill in the air, the leaves are changing and retailers are already shoving Christmas down your throat. One of my favorite fall traditions is apple and pumpkin picking. And there are plenty of great places on Cape to go! One of our family favorites is Cobwebb Farm. They have a spooky, but not too scary hayride, and a hay house for the kids to roll around in! Honestly, the hay house is the draw for us, despite my allergies. I am pretty sure my daughter could happily spend an entire day jumping into the hay. Although Cobwebb Farm is our favorite, there are still many other great places to go on Cape. See the complete list below:

Tony Andrews Farm
394 Old Meetinghouse Road, East Falmouth. 
Phone: 508-548-4717. 
They offer pumpkins but no apples. Rest rooms are available as well as use of picnic area. They also have a corn maze, petting zoo and hay rides. My daughter is a big fan of their cow, Betsy! 

Coonamessett Farm
277 Hatchville Road, East Falmouth
They offer Pumpkins but no apples. Amenities include restrooms, picnic area, and lots of farm animals to meet! 

Crow Farm
192 Route 6A, Sandwich, Massachusetts 02563 
(508) 888-0690

This farm offers apples as well as pumpkins! They also carry some of the best apple cider, shipped to the Cape from another local MA farm. 

Hawk's Wing Farm Orchard
41 Hawks Wing Rd, So. Yarmouth, MA 
(508) 123-1234 
This farm offers apple picking but no pumpkins. They also have sheep for the kids to pet. 

Peachtree Circle Farm
881 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540
(508) 328-3483
Peachtree Farm offers apple picking, 

Fun Apple Lunchbox Treat:

Apple Bites!
 This is a fun easy recipe you can make with your kids. You can also make it as healthy (or unhealthy) as you would like. 

What you need:
melon baller
butter for caramel apples, or tin foil or wax paper for other apples
cookie sheet or likewise for apples to set
lollipop sticks (cut in half)
coating of your choice (yogurt, caramel, chocolate, or anything you can think of!)
topping (optional) shaved coconut, nuts, mini candies, sprinkles, cookie crumbs, or anything else!

1. First, prep the surface where the apples will set. If you are making caramel apples, rub the backside of a cookie sheet with butter to ensure they will not stick. For the other types of apples either tin foil or wax paper will work fine. 

2. All you need to do for this easy recipe is use the apple baler to take bite size circular pieces out of the apples. After you finish making your circular apple bites, prepare your coating as specified by the package directions. 

3. Next, dip your lollipop stick into the coating, then into your apple bites. Then dip the apple bites into the coating. If using yogurt, immediately roll into any toppings you are using. For all other toppings, let your bites sit for a minute or so to ensure you don't pull the coating off with the weight of the toppings. 

4. Let the apples bites set. Place yogurt apples in the freezer. Place all other types of apple bites in the refrigerator until firm.

5. Enjoy!!

Some of our favorite combinations include:

Yogurt and coconut
Yogurt and chocolate shavings  
Caramel and crushed almonds
Caramel and chocolate sprinkles
Caramel and mini m&m's
Chocolate and Coconut
Chocolate and caramel swirl
Chocolate and sprinkles


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